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What Should I Pay For a Website
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What Should I Pay For a Website in South Africa


If you’re not entrepreneur or Mark Zuckerberg, you most likely watch your spending. we wish to feel that we are using our money efficiently and getting the foremost “bang for our buck”. We are especially cautious when it involves paying for something intangible sort of a website – you can’t hold it in your hand, so what proportion can it really be worth? Here we’ll try to work out what an internet designer costs and why they cost that much, especially in African nation.

What are you paying a Web Designer for?

A web developer / web designer is your go-to professional after you need a website. So what are you truly paying for?

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You are paying for knowledge and experience

A good designer has gained skills and knowledge over a few years of experience. they'll often hold a degree in computer science or a diploma from a technical/ design school. During their career they'll even have completed additional courses and workshops in: design, typography, graphic design, user experience, and more. The list seriously goes on and on.

They are also constantly learning and taking new courses (on platforms like Udemy) to remain up to this point with the most recent web trends, in what is the foremost rapidly changing industry. Web designers basically should forgo many standards every 5 years so on remain on top. Imagine a doctor whose degree would be redundant 5 years later…

It is a sophisticated field that not everyone can add. Web developers are specialized, rare and in high demand.

You are also paying for tangible items and operating costs

A web designer, a bit like the other professional, has expenses. they need equipment, like computers, additional hardware, software and licences, specific to their work. Eg:

  • Office Rent: R5000-10 000+ per month
  • Macbook Pro: R26000-65000
  • Additional Hardware – R40000+
  • Adobe Creative Collection: Photoshop, Illustrator, : R25k+
  • Student Loans for their training
  • Servers and hosting: R4000+ per month
  • Development tools + Software Licences: R4000-20000+ per month
  • Stock content and asset libraries like Shutterstock for images: R3000+ per month
  • Email and internet Line, Data: R2000+ per month

So what do web designers charge?

The cost of web design work varies. you'll raise quotes from 10 different designers and receive 10 completely different amounts, starting from some thousand to tens of thousands. Why is this?

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Different Web Designers

Web developers target skills and knowledge, some are very specialised in an exceedingly few key technologies and are incredibly adept and have great insight respectively, you'll often hear of backend or frontend only focused developers.

While others are called full stack developers and are fairly competent in both frontend and backend areas of website development.

A developer with a awfully niche and specialized skillset can excite to R3000 an hour while a general full stack developer is as low as R300 per hour.

Different websites

Every website is exclusive. this suggests different requirements and different amounts of your time to make each website. There are also many alternative avenues to attain your website goals. Thus you furthermore mght have different programming languages and platforms all which include their own pros and cons. A WordPress web developer is ideal for getting a content website up and running for a blog, small business, online store or portfolio site.

However if you’re needing to build a social media platform or functional website with custom and unique capabilities, you’ll need a Ruby on Rails or Django developer.

This can vary the price incredibly eg:

  • A good WordPress designer will charge R300-500 per hour
  • A good Rails developer could charge R500-R2000 per hour

However, Web Design is cheaper in South Africa

So while a really talented web developer could charge R3000 an hour, its unlikely they’ll get that rate in South Africa. They would normally get those rates when hired by US or UK clients, but locally you'll be able to expect very talented developers to charge much less.

South Africa has very talented web developers, graphic designers and hardcore programmers, and thanks to the rate of the Rand vs the Dollar, SA is growing joined of the more popular outsourcing destinations.

You can also expect developers to charge less per hour on project rates, as freelancers are willing to be paid less per hour, if guaranteed an overall number of labor hours.

Why should I hire professional web developer?

We’ve written another article here about why you should hire a developer instead of doing it yourself?

But in summary building your own website takes time and skill. More importantly, your time. this suggests that you simply don't seem to be earning money for those hours and your attention becomes divided whilst you spend time on your developing a website. Paying an online Designer to try to to it for you means you'll be able to concentrate on your business and leave the website deisign to an expert.

They will build you a professional website in a fraction of the time. It will work.



There is no simple answer to the present question. a website may be a highly underestimated online marketing tool and may be a valuable future investment. it's therefore imperative to own a well built professional website. you ought to get the most effective website that you just can afford.

With the method Enterprise, we’ve streamlined the method of developing content websites with WordPress. this permits us to urge websites up and running in under one week (provided all the content is given upfront) and at a reasonable rate. this protects you hours of your time but also gives you the foremost affordable website design while still looking amazing.

If you need a custom functional site, see our pricing plans for more information.